Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saying goodbye to "EE-Ah"

Marlin is 2.5 years old and has called Alivia "EE-Ah" for the past year. In the last six months EE-Ah has been such a common word in our house I have found myself thinking things like EE-Ah needs some jeans or where did EE-ah go? I have almost called her that several times. Well, we have known for a while that Marlin is completely capable of saying Alivia he just kept calling her EE-ah. Yesterday we were all three in the bathroom and Marlin said "Alivia, what are you doing?" It stopped me in my tracks...NO YOU SAY EE-ah! I didn't say that but it was a big moment and now I am saying goodbye to EE-ah with secret hopes that Molly will resurrect the nickname in about a year. They are all growing so fast and I know that this one little thing is no big deal but it was a big deal at the moment that my little man chose to use his big sisters name correctly. I still struggle to understand half of what he says. He talks non stop and I feel guilty for how many times I have to say "what?" and have him repeat things over and over again. Alivia is a great translator though and often gets what he says before I do. Poor little dude. I am proud of him for talking so well and getting better every day.

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