Friday, February 6, 2009

Molly's dramatic life

Last night I was in the bathroom with the three kids. Molly was sitting on the bathroom rug while I was braiding Alivia's hair and Marlin was playing with Molly. I heard a thunk and looked over to see Molly laying face down sprawled out on the bathroom floor. Marlin was standing beside her. I picked her up and asked Marlin what happened. Through her screams I heard Marlin say "I picked her up and I dwapt her." Yikes. She was really fine but that poor girl is gonna be one tough cookie after growing up in this house.

This morning while I was zipping Alivia's coat so we could head out I heard Molly start crying and looked over to see Marlin "giving" her his bucket. (giving it to her in her face) I went over and the conversation went like this.

Me: Marlin, why did you hurt sissy?

Marlin: because

Me: Marlin, you don't want to be a mean big brother, you want to be a nice big brother. Please don't hurt your sissy. You have to be careful she is just a baby.

Marlin: When I grow up I'm going to be a bad guy

Alivia: (from across the room) WELL THEN I'M NOT MARRYING YOU!!!!!

I'm glad we got all that straightened out this morning:)

By the way my sweet baby molly cut her first tooth yesterday at 6 months old. She is so smart:) The babysitter found it before I did. Ugh! I told Matt I have to quit my job because it is unacceptable for the babysitter to find a first tooth before the MOM! I'm not quitting, it will all be ok.

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