Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Here is my big girl Alivia with her best friend Elizabeth and her brother Gus. ( don't know why this is highlighted but Im just going to continue)

This is Alivia's first sleep over at Elizabeth's house. Elizabeth spent the night at our house a few weeks ago for thier first official slumber party. This picture is from the first night Alivia stayed with a friend at their house. Look how big she is. Smiling and hanging out. She isn't going to see her mom for another 16 hours and she doesn't care at all. The girls have matching night gowns that super mom Jane and Elizabeth made for thier sleepovers. I guess Gus wasn't very happy to not have a night gown when the girls were putting their pj's on so he wore a purple nightie too. I have a pic but I can't get it to load.

Jane told me the day after the sleepover that Alivia was a perfect angel. She used "please" and "thank you" and asked for things with sentences starting in "may I." Im so proud of her for acting that way. I knew she had it in her. So what if I don't get that treatment at home.

My good friend Julie who is a few years ahead of me on the motherhood ride once said "As long as they act like they are supposed to when they are away from you, that means you are doing a good job, because they know how they are SUPPOSED to act." So Im going to go with that one.

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