Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cooking with babies

Last night Matt was cutting wood so I needed to cook dinner and entertain all three children. I talked Alivia and Marlin into thinking it would be really fun for them to cook dinner. They rummaged through the cabinets and came up with a menu of ramen noodles, canned green beans and corn bread. (I added some stew meat to the menu to make sure Matt had is daily requirement of Meat) They were so excited to do the cooking. First we started on the corn bread. Marlin poured milk into the bowl and Alivia cracked an egg. Her thumbs go into the egg and she was laughing with excitement at the goeyness of it all. After the egg fell into the bowl Alivia went in after it with her hands, feeling the yolk and oohing and aahh ing at the raw egg...YUCK. So we got her cleaned up and it was time to pour the jiffy corn bread mix into the bowl. Marlin did some then handed it to his sister to do the rest. They took turns stirring and Alivia poured the mixture into a bread pan.
Next...the noodles. Alivia got a pot and filled it half full of water. When I went to put it on the stove she erupted in tears "not boil for a while!!!!!!" she wanted to put the noodles in NOW. She recovered and Marlin dumped green beans into a bowl and put them in the microwave. Molly was on my hip the whole time (of course).
When Matt came in the kids were so excited to feed him the dinner they made. It was a good time. Alivia learned what half of something was and they stayed occupied and happy while dinner was cooked.

Earlier that day we had taken Molly to riley for a check up. Her heart is less enlarged than before and she got a good report. We had thought about taking Marlin too since Alivia would be at preschool and I had missed the little guys while I was in Michigan. We asked him if he wanted to have a special day and go with mommy and daddy and he replied "no I want to go to (sa)manthas." okey dokey whatever makes ya happy.

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