Monday, January 12, 2009


I am in Michigan on a trip for work. My mom came with me because I am not ready to leave Molly all night. So, she played nanny today while I hosted a workshop and then we hung out tonight. We went to dinner in the restaurant at the hotel. Molly was getting a little fussy and I put her in the wooden restaurant high chair with a few toys. I put her bottle in her chair with her. It was upright and between her legs. Our food came and we started to eat. I looked over and Molly had leaned over and been sucking on the bottle and fallen asleep. The table next to us was full of people looking over and grinning at her. She is pretty cute. It is funny to walk around with a tiny baby and watch everyone look at her and smile. She wont remember her first trip out of Indiana or her first hotel but I sure hope I remember how she looked sound asleep sitting upright with her mouth on her bottle. Poor kid, someone should provide a proper bed for her.

Far away in Indiana my big girl, Alivia attended her first gymnastics class ever. Several weeks ago I told her I was signing her up for gymnastics and she cried and threw a big fit insisting that she did not want to go. She has become apprehensive when it comes to new experiences. It is understandable, I knew she would like it once she went. So tonight, with me out of town, Cindy took her to gymnastics and Alivia loved it. She called me when she got home and she told me that she did the bars all by herself, and she did backwards rolls and splits and her teacher is nice. I am so glad that she liked it and I wish I could be there to give her and Marlin big hugs. It's so hard to be away from someone you love so much. (By the way my "little man" was too busy to talk to me tonight)

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