Friday, January 9, 2009

Buffalo Soldier

Marlin has a new favorite song, Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. He insists on hearing it whenever we get in the car. His request sounds like "Bufo Hoder Mom!" I tested to see if it really is that song by putting on every other bob marley song on the album first. Nope he rejected them all. The boy know what he wants.

It is hard to get information from Alivia about what she does at school. I think she likes to torture me a little and refuse to tell me things when she can sense that I would love to know. So, today when I picked her up I told her whatever she did, not to tell me anything that she did at school today because I did not want to hear it. She knew I was kidding and said yes you do mom. I proceeded to cover my ears and say "lalalalalalala don't tell me" She laughed really loudly and proceeded to tell me things about school all the way to the babysitter so that I would make that funny noise again. She always has enjoyed doing just what I tell her not to do:)

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