Friday, January 9, 2009

Hillbilly Mom

This morning I dropped Alivia off at preschool and headed to the dr with Marlin and Molly. Marlin needed a follow up on his head that the dr's in the emergency room glued shut on Sunday night (he is fine) and Molly needed her second RSV vaccination. We weighed sweetbaby molly and in the past four weeks she has gone from 10lbs 10 oz to 13lbs 3oz. This is huge! She is still a tiny little thing but she is back on the growth charts (almost 25th %) and she made a remarkable turnaround after her heart surgery in November. See sweetbabymolly/ for details.

Yesterday I worked at the office and I had to drive the big truck since Matt needed the car so he could pick up all three kids after work. The girls teased me for being a hillbilly and driving the "wood gettin truck." Ah so be it. I am glad that my children are growing up on a farm where they have the opportunity to be in touch with the great outdoors every day instead of just visiting parks once or twice a year to taste wilderness. When we go to a park it is often a social event because we see people and activity much more than if we just stay home and enjoy the peaceful outdoors in our own back yard. So if I have to be part hillbilly so that my kids will experience nature daily and grow up in touch with the way the REAL world operates, I can live with that:)

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