Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Blog Ever

I have made fun of many people for being bloggers. In the haze of raising three children ages 4, 2 and 5 months I feel my memory of details slipping away. I am the worlds worst mother when it comes to filling out baby books, actually printing the thousands of digital pictures we have, getting professional pictures taken or recording all the cute crazy things that happen in my home on a regular basis. So this is my final attempt to cling to some of the memory of these amazing crazy years. Hopefully, someday my children will be able to visit this blog and read how crazy their mother truly was.

Yes, this is about the kids. Alivia is four, Marlin is 2 and sweet baby molly is 5 months old. Each one amazes me every day.

Last Sunday we were ready to put all the kids to bed. All five of us were in our pj's and Matt took Marlin into his room. In an attempt to get a new pull up Marlin triped on his bed and crashed his head into the counter of the old bar that we have been using as a changing table. I I heard Matt say my name in a tone that let me know we had a serious situation on our hands. I ran to the bathroom to meet them with Molly in my arms and Alivia right behind me. I needed to get a close look at his head so I told Alivia to sit down and hold her sister. She said "ok," she was probably freaking out more that the rest of us. One look and we knew we were headed to the emergency room. On the way to the hospital I was holding Marlins hand and he looked at me with his big blue eyes and said "Mama, Im I going to be ok?" Ugh, it completely melted me. Poor little guy. He was very brave and very well behaved and let the dr glue his forhead back together without a struggle. I'm so proud of my little man.

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