Friday, January 23, 2009


This fall Matt was getting ready to go to Illinois to harvest their plots and we were telling Alivia that daddy was going to Illinois the next day. Of course, Illinois might as well have been right next to McDonalds in Crawfordsville for all she was understanding of it. We kept explaining that Indiana was a state and we lived in Indiana. Daddy was going to leave Indiana and go to Illinois. She was a lot more interested in Illinois than I expected her to be. She kept asking questions about it and bringing it up over and over throughout the evening. Finally she said, you mean Illinois like the bathroom at the cabin?

Our Family cabin has an old outhouse that we moved from my grandmothers house. It was part of Roosevelt's new deal. One of the programs was furnishing outhouses to rural houses across America and my grandparents got one. We named the outhouse Eleanor.

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