Friday, January 23, 2009


Here is a story from a year ago...
When Marlin was about 14 months old he went through a stage where he was spitting on everything. He spit on people, chairs and anything else that he thought it might be interesting to see spit on. One day he was spitting on me so I sent him to time out so he could stop spitting. I was doing several other things at the time also. I checked on him in the corner and he had a teddy bear with him in the corner. He looked at me like he knew he was getting away with something (I don't allow toys in time out) but I had too many things going on to deal with that so I decided to not notice the teddy bear. When the timer ended and he came out of the corner he brought the teddy bear to me. I looked at him and said "yes marlin I see the teddy bear" He continued to follow me around and hold the teddy bear up. When I took a better look I noticed that the teddy bear was soaking wet. He had been sitting in time out (for spitting) spitting on his teddy bear. He must have spit 50 times to get that bear that wet. What a little bugger.

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