Friday, February 13, 2009

Bedtime Stories

Last night the kids were high on sugar from the Valentines candy they got from the babysitter. It was bedtime and we needed them to wind down so we turned off the lights in the living room and told them it was quiet time. They snuggled in on the couch with Matt and wanted me to tell them a story. When I started my usual tale of two kids living in the forest Alivia interjected and said she wanted a ghost story. I didn't want to scare them so I didn't think that was a good idea. They wouldn't let me tell any stories I started so I let Alivia tell one.

I can't remember the details but the ending was that the ghost ate all the people.

Marlin wanted to tell one next
"Mommy will you help me"
Matt whispered something into his ear.
Marlin: "Its about a sheep"
Me: "What did the sheep do?"
Marlin: "It ate all the people."
Marlin: "The big bad wolf is in Mommy and Daddy's bed"
The kids love the three little pigs story so I improvised and told a version with Marlin going into our room and saying "what big eyes, ears, teeth you have" the wolf jumped out of the bed saying the better to eat you with and big sister Alivia ran in and punched the wolf and threw him out the front door saving her brother and living happily ever after.

That may not have been the best idea. When we put the kids to bed, Marlin cried loudly about 3 minutes after we left his room. I went in there and he was sobbing. "I don't want the big bad wolf to come into my room." Poor little guy, we left the light on for him and he recovered pretty quickly but that may not have been the best bedtime story.

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