Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bathroom talk

Our septic tank needed pumped this week. We discovered this because one night when I took the kids into the bathroom for their bath it smelled like a sewer. Matt came into the bathroom and said he would check the cellar to make sure nothing was leaking but it was probably just the tank needing pumped. When Matt walked out of the bathroom Alivia turned to me and said "Is daddy going to come up the toilet?"

The next night at dinner Marlin had to go potty. He went into the bathroom then he came out dancing and urgently requested my help. I took him into the bathroom and got him sitting on stool and ready to go. Lately, at this point Marlin has been saying "mama get outta here!" so I was playing it cool and trying not to pay too much attention to him so that he would tolerate my presence and I could help him at the end of his business without having to leave and come back.
Marlin: "Mama, hay(say) jay ju did it!"
me: "yeah you did it Marlin. Good job
Marlin: "No put your arms up yike dis and wiggle and hay(say) jay ju did it!"
I guess he didn't want me to ignore him too much:)

Also, Marlin often insists that his underwear be on backwards because for some reason all the cool pictures are on the butt and he wants to be able to see them.

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