Monday, March 9, 2009

Four year old Knowledge

A little knowledge goes a long way. Alivia tends to think she already knows EVERYTHING but I will give her credit, she does know some things. When I picked her up from preschool with her friend Jordan they had quite a conversation. Here are a few of the highlights.
A: We never get to see Elizabeth anymore
J: nope
A: That's because she lives in Spain (it's true, her friend is living in Spain for 6 weeks)
J: Where is Spain?
A: It's really far away, its across the OCEAN!
J: you mean in the water
A: no across the ocean, on the other side
(now at this point I am beaming, thinking how smart my daughter is)
A: Its in England.
J: oh

A: My uncle Archie lives in England and he has a queen.
J: Is she mean
A: No
J: cause usually queens are mean and trying to kill princesses.
A: No, she is nice.

a little later on
A: guess what, this weekend my friend Liam came over and we caught thirty forty thousand hundred twenty ladybugs. They were crawling all over the windows.
(is it bad that my kids were playing outside and they came in the house to catch some bugs?)
A: then we caught a stink bug and it had an apple smell!!!!
J: it had a what?
A: some day if we have a play date, you can come over and if my stinkbug is still alive you can smell the apple smell.

After that Alivia found her blue eyeshadow in her backpack and passed it off to Jordan. Jordan painted her face with it to the point that she looked like she should be singing KISS songs.

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