Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kiss the Corner

Before I was a parent I knew exactly how to raise a child. "Consistency is the key," I said many times as I looked down my nose at various mothers letting their kids get away with murder because they were too busy to be consistent. Then I had Alivia Rose.

Alivia is so sharp and so quick, she always has me hopping. She forces me into corners where I must decide if she has crossed the line with her most recent action or if that is not worth giving her a time out. Sometimes it is barely unacceptable and I don't want to make her take a 4 minute time out. So we have a punishment that is like a mini time out. It is called "kiss the corner." When her attitude is pushing the boarder of inappropriate I say "kiss the corner" and she has to go to kiss the corner where she does her time outs and then she can come back. As long as she does it without any fight or yelling and she comes back with a good attitude then that is all she has to do. It is a nice way to easily and quickly adjust her attitude.

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