Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our morning routine

In one morning, these are the things that come out of my mouth.

Good morning sunshine, time to get up.

What do you want for breakfast? We have cheerios and oatmeal.

Oatmeal? ok. Changed your mind? Ok cheerios.

Here is your cereal. Its the same as his cereal. Your spoons are the same too. It doesn't matter which one you get.

Don't touch the baby's medicine.

Eat your food. Alivia get back in your chair, Marlin get your hand out of your cereal.

Where is Molly?

Molly are you hungry?

Molly, are you done, you want down? Come here baby.

Marlin, lets get dressed. Here you go. Put these on. Good job.

Alivia, Are you done? Go get dressed.
You want me to help you pick out your clothes? ok
How about this, ok. How about this. ok. How about this? ok. How about this? Are you going to say no to everything I pick out? What do YOU want to wear? Ok thats great!

Why aren't your clothes on?
Please put your clothes on?
What are you doing in the bathroom on the counter looking in the mirror and why haven't you put your clothes on yet?

Marlin, I already dressed YOU once. Where did your clothes go?

Brush your teeth. You don't need your Diego toothpaste, you just put on whinnie the Pooh toothpaste. Open your mouth. Open. open. open. open. open. OOOOH I saw a polar bear in your mouth let me get it with this toothbrush. Ok got him, we are good.

Alivia's turn. (repeat toothbrushing conversation)

Marlin, you can not poop standing up.

its time to go. Get your clothes on. Put your shoes on.

Get into the car. No, you cant sit in that seat you have to sit in your seat. Its not too tight. Stop touching the baby. Give the bottle back to the baby.

You have to pee again? You just peed! Pee in the grass, we aren't going back in the house.

Back in the car. No you can't take your blanket.

We are here. Everyone out of the car.
Why did you take your shoes off? Put them back on.

Where is the baby's bottle? Why did you throw it into the back of the car?

See you guys later, have a good day, I love ya, be GOOD

This is before 8am. I used to do less in a week!

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