Monday, June 15, 2009


I have been calling Molly, Molly moo for a while now and Marlin has turned that into Mooey. So Mooey it is for a while. Little mooey is a fast little crawler. She zipps from room to room getting into everything. She can also stand unassisted for quite some time. She has taken a few steps on her own too. I thought she was going to walk a few weeks ago because she kept letting go of things and trying to walk. She isn't quite ready yet. She doesnt have the balance but don't tell her that. That kid thinks she is 10 feet tall and can run!

She also loves to be in the middle of the action. We were at a friends house this weekend and the kids were jumping on the trampeline. Everytime I let go of Molly she crawled right to the middle where her siblings were bouncing. She was bounced out of control and she giggled loudly. ...little thrill seeker

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