Monday, June 15, 2009

Marlin the bull

So when I learned that I was having a child around the same time as my birthday three years ago, it did occur to me that another taurus in the house could be trouble, especially in the stubborness category. I shrugged off my concern and have done nothing but brag about my sweet boy's even wonderful temperment for the past three years. I am noticing that Marlin is entering a new phase in his life, a phase of testing and stubborness. He doesnt throw tantrums or turn into a whiny unbearable mess like his sister did at his age. His phase is "all marlin" and its possible the stubborness nightmares are about to begin.
Here are a couple brief examples:

The other day we were in the car and Molly was fussing. I asked if she had her bottle and Marlin said, "no, wait (giving her the bottle) Now her do."
I said "Now she does"
and Marlin replied "THATS WHAT I SAID!"
He doesnt take grammer correction very well these days.

Yesterday I was in his room, on the floor. I had his pj's off of him and his clothes for the day in my hand. He said he was thirsty. I told him that as soon as we got his clothes on I would get him a drink. He squirmed and fought and cried and fussed while I literally pinned him down and "force dressed" him. I went to my room to breathe a little so I wouldn't yell at him and my plan was to get him a drink next. As I recovered I turned to the bedroom door to go find my sweet boy and get him a drink. Standing at the door was marlin, completely naked. He had taken ALL his clothes off and come over to stand where I could see him. What a little stinker!

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