Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A few fun things Alivia has been up to lately.

We were in the minivan last week and Alivia announced, "I have goose bites." It took me a minute but then she said that she was cold and the goose bites were all over and I finally figured it out.

We also had the first corn on the cob of the summer last night and when Alivia saw the corn she said "Yummy! Corn on the bone!."

At a quarter til bedtime last night Alivia was working diligently in one of her preschool workbooks. She was filling in missing letters in words. She would look at the picture above the word (ex: hat) say it and then listen to the sounds and figure out what letter needed added to the word. She has been working on sounds for a while and can tell you what a word starts with but what impressed me was her intensity. She was really working. She was also putting in missing letters in the middle of works like fr_g! She was a sponge on overdrive and she was even open to a little help from mom.

I mentioned that Mrs. Campanelli (her preschool teacher) wanted her to learn the word "the" because it is in books a lot and it will help her read. She was all for it. She got out her writing tablet and started writing it over and over again. Then I handed her "The Cat in the Hat" and she read the cover of the book. Well she sounded out the first ones but she kept saying the cat in the HOUSE! She sat at her little table for over an hour (and way past bedtime but there was no way I was interrupting) writing words from the cat in the hat on her writing tablet, working in her workbook and really studying. She had so many materials piled up around her she looked like she was cramming for an organic chemistry exam.

She is sooooooo close to figuring out how to sound out words and read simple books. She wants it and it wont be long. I am just impressed at the focus and determination that she had. It's amazing to see their brains click and move in fast forward learning things at a rapid speed.

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