Tuesday, July 14, 2009

childrens museum

See that wagon full of ANGELS? This is from the day we went to the children's museum this summer. They are eating cookies that I bought them on our way out of the museum because they were soooo good all day. We were supposed to go to the zoo but the lightening on our way to the big city changed our minds. We have been there before. We play and look at things until someone melts down and then we go home. I kept waiting for the meltdown.

We were with a huge group of friends and family. Brad and Lauren and Audrey were among the crowd. We checked out the dinosaurs, dug for bones, tried on dinosaur costumes. We drew pictures of dragons. We explored an Egyptian tomb and when we came out of the tomb Alivia saw a map of Africa and said "look it it is the Continent Africa!" (go preschool!)

We touched and played in every room at the museum. I kept waiting for the meltdown but they just kept being awesome little explorers.

There was an incident in the Egypt room where we lost Marlin for about 5 minutes. I blocked off the exit and systematically found him but it was a terrible experience and I was seconds away from a complete meltdown when I finally found him.

Molly fell asleep sitting upright in the wagon drinking a bottle. If my Internet connection wasn't so slow I would post more pics.

I kept pulling the wagon up and down the ramps. Going from room to room. I was soooo tired, and still waiting for that meltdown where I could blame our exit on their tiredness. It never happened. Every room they played until they looked at me and said "lets find another room."

I was so proud of my little angels today. We stayed longer than everyone else and we had a great day. It sure is fun when it works out like that.

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