Monday, August 17, 2009

Being a girl

Being a girl is so hard. I wish there was a way to give my daughters the knowledge I have now so I could save them from the next 25 years of figuring out that they are wonderful.

It starts so early these days, Alivia wishes she was a barbie. She also plans to die her hair blond so she can look like Hannah Montana. She doesn't watch Hannah Montana and she just got her first Barbie last week. It doesn't matter if you try to protect them. They still grow up in a world obsessed with skinny, unrealistic perfection where girls stare in mirrors and hate their flaws.

How do you teach your daughter that flaws are not flaws? They are part of her beauty. They make her who she is and that is amazing.

I already see Alivia worry about what people think, worry about what she looks like and stressing out over outfits and hair. I'm not sure where all of it comes from but I need her to know how perfect she is in every moment of the day no matter what wardrobe decisions she makes.

When I think back to junior high and high school, I cringe thinking that my girls will have to go through the insecurity and self loathing that is part of growing up. I hope that they learn more quickly than I did how cool they really are. I hope they learn to step into their skin and be proud of who they are. Life gets so much easier when you finally embrace that...

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