Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bath Time

My little monkeys can scale up the bathroom counter like it is a ladder.   They use the drawer knobs as steps.  I'm sure the knobs will fall off soon but for now it works.  They scale the cabinet and sit on the counter to do their toothbrushing, handwashing and mirror looking.
Last night it was bath time but Marlin wanted to wash his hands first.  So I stood with him while he climbed onto the counter and washed.  He looked at me and said "My teachers know how to wash their hands."  Then he proceeded to give me a lesson.  "You get your hands wet, then you get some soap and rub your hands together"
(I've been telling him these steps for years and he never listens but instead of telling a 3 year old I told you so, I decided to just take pictures with my camera)
"I can do it better than my teachers, watch this move"
"Oh look a mirror behind me aren't I cute"
"Then you rinse them like this"
After my handwashing lesson we sat and talked about halloween for a while.  Marlin has been having trouble deciding between Batman and Spiderman.  He let me know last night that he will be Batman for Halloween and then when he grows up he will be Spiderman.  Im glad he finally decided.
Aliva came in and asked us what we were doing (in her gymnastics outfit because she had been practicing)
Then I gave them a bath and when they got out they were so cute with their wet heads and their big blue eyes so I decided to get one more picture.  Unfortunately, Alivia gave me her "picture face"  and Marlin watched, learned and imitated his big sister. 

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