Friday, February 19, 2010

Marlin's "Carf"

Three years ago Alicia made scarves for me, Alivia and Marlin.  The kids have played with and worn their special scarves all year for the past three years.  Marlin was 5 months old when he got his "carf" and he refers to it as his "pecial carf."  Marlin takes his carf everywhere but it is getting a little small to really do any good as a scarf. 
This weekend he was at my moms and he told her he needed a new carf.  He wanted it to have noodles on the end like his old carf but his new one needed to be bigger.

Four days later Grandma had a new carf and matching hat at our house for little Marlin.

Speaking of carfs and missing s's.  Marlin plays spiderman and batman everyday. He has recently been explaing that he is piderman because he was bitten by a pecial pider.  Im going to miss his little boy voice someday.

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