Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Sledding Story by Alivia

Alivia: "Me and marlin had lots of fun.  We went sledding in our back yard before we went sledding at the cabin."

Alivia: "That's when we went sledding at the cabin.  It was really fun.  We liked it a lot and we had hot chocolate when we got home.  And we had snowball fights and made a big snowman when we went sledding." 

Everybody Ready....


Alivia: "Don't tip Daddy!"

Laughing out Loud!

Molly was laughing the whole way down the hill everytime.  She wanted to go over and over again.  When we headed back to the cabin she let out 2 seconds of crying and then leaned back and fell
asleep in the sled. 
I tried to lay her down in the cabin but it didn't work.  We came outside and built a snowman.

Molly did not participate.  She was DONE!


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