Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trick or Treat

Retro Post 3
Trick or Treating at Brad and Laurens has become an annual tradition. Last year (2008) sucked because it was the day the doctors told us Molly needed a heart transplant.  We sucked it up and went anyway so the big kids could have a good time.  This year was awesome.  It was  a celebration of making it through the last year and looking at how far we have come.  

At this time in October we had just started working with Molly on using signs.  We had been showing her the sign for "more" in hopes of having her communicate using something other than screams.  She had been less than receptive to using the sign.

This year the Dark Knight was there.

The kids gathered outside with cousin Audrey

After pictures, they put there coats on and went trick or treating.   The big sisters are good buddies.

Molly was pretty excited once she figured out the routine.  Walk to door, hold out bucket, get candy...what a fun game!

Matt and I also participated in the festivities.

Back at the house Audrey shared M&Ms with Molly.  These were Molly's first M&Ms and she was pretty enthusiastic about them.  When the M&Ms were gone  Molly walked around the house signing "more"  to everyone. 

The big girls watched a movie at the end of the night.  Alivia loves Audrey...even when she picks her nose.  Knowing Alivia, she probably taught Audrey that move.

Marlin dove into the blocks and constructed a wall to keep the girls out of the play area.

It is so nice to have my brother and his family so close!

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