Thursday, February 11, 2010

Turkey Day in Kentucky

Retro Post 4

We traveled to Kentucky for Thanksgiving.  We were all excited for the trip.  We left Wednesday evening after work.  I picked the kids up from the babysitters and then we went home to load the van.  Alivia was so exited she got her backpack of toys and sat in her seat in the van for 40 minutes before we left.  I told her we still had time but she didn't want to get out.  As we were driving I heard her say "Marlin isn't this so fun!"

We stoped at McDonalds for dinner and I took the kids to the bathroom.  We were running accross the parking lot and then onto the sidewalk and Alivia screamed "This is AWESOME!!!!"
We finally arrived at Granny and Papa's. 

Early Thursday morning Alivia, Granny and I started to cook an enormous meal for the crowd that would arrive that afternoon.

Alivia was in charge of the sweet potatos and she did a wonderful job. 

Granny had it all planned out so we just cooked and cooked and cooked.  It was fun.  I have never made that much food in my entire life! 

Here is part of the spread.  Emmy is supervising.

Daddy and Molly

Alivia, meet your cousins

Missy thinks it's good.
The three boys were worn out the next morning so we let them sleep in.  It must have been all that cooking eating.

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