Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's Gonna Work?

Farm work!  What's gonna work.  We have a wood burning furnace and that means that Matt spends a lot of time cutting and stacking firewood.  Sometime, if we want to see him on the weekend we need to help out.  We look forward to having three strapping children capable of unloading a truckload of wood in 2 minutes flat but right now we will take what we can get. 

For the princess, the proper clothes for the occasion are always required

The little princess doesn't miss a thing.  She truly believes she is as big as everyone else and she is right in the middle of the action in every situation...including stacking wood.

When it is her idea, Alivia can work hard and be very helpful already.  Im proud of my 5 year old "farm girl"

I am also proud of my 3 year old "farm boy."  Marlin worked and worked to get a good sized (for him) log to the wood pile.  He dropped it several times and finally got it stacked on the pile.  Then my little son swelled up and strutted off to get his next log. Its hard to describe how his entire posture and expression turned from a struggling little boy to a serious bad  ass. 

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