Tuesday, March 16, 2010

limits and advertising

I was at the grocery store yesterday with Alivia.  We were in the Laundry Detergent isle.  I was about half way down the isle from where Alivia was when I heard her scream "MOM! COME QUICK!!!"  I looked down at her and asked what was going on.  The pointed to a tub of oxyclean and said "I've seen this stuff on TV!  Its really good at getting stains out!  You should get some!"  She was so excited to have found something in real life that was on TV and according to TV  this stuff was awesome and we needed it:)

Later that day, Alivia was able to go to walmart and spend her 10 dollar gift card.  She was so excited to be able to buy something with her "credit card."  She picked out a pink skirt with ruffles for 8 dollars.  Then the life lesson began.  She wanted a matching shirt for her new skirt.  I told her that she couldn't afford a skirt and a shirt because she only had ten dollars. If she wanted something different she would have to put the skirt back.  It was very hard on her to be happy with just the skirt.  She actually threw a little of a fit from the cash register to the car.  Eventually she got it together and was happy about her new skirt.

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