Friday, July 30, 2010

Your World or Mine?

After an 8 hour work day I pick up the kids and bring them home.  The usual routine is to be to the kitchen and start preparing their dinner.  It is a balancing act of keeping them happy, and getting the things done that I need to do. 

While I cook, the kids either play together inside or outside, or they sit at the table and do puzzles, color, paint or work in their workbooks, or they fight like cats and dogs.  I try to keep the kitchen halfway clean, throw a load of laundry in the washer and keep the kids from destroying the rest of the house.  There are about three hours for us to cook dinner, eat dinner, take baths, have quality family time and go to bed. 

Sometimes I give up on all my things I need to do and just jump into thier world instead.  Last night I made  a roast during the day so I didn't have to cook.  Instead I followed the kids into the girls room.  We listened to music, climbed on the bed, talked about barbies and giggled.  It was so easy, they were so good.  I must remember to stop and follow them into their world more often.  

Note to self, buy lottery tickets, need maid and cook:)

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  1. What a happy surprise when it all goes smoothly!!