Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Molly Moo Turns Two

Dear Molly,
I could just sit and watch you for hours.  You are the happiest person I have ever met.  You have a giant belly laugh that you use all the time.  Everything makes you laugh.  I hope you keep this ability to enjoy the little things in your life.  Not only are you happy, but you are growing and changing so fast.

You talk non stop.  You say everything Alivia says (good and bad)  You also copy everyone else.  There are plenty of original words and thoughts comming out of your mouth too.

This week you started calling me Angie, and you think it is funny.  You love baby dolls and spend hours placing them in chairs, laps, strollers, tables, floors and beds then covering them with blankets.  You take your babies everywhere.

You are one tough cookie in a tiny package of cuteness.  Your blonde hair and blue eyes fool everyone when they meet you.  I just let them visit with your for a while and it never fails that they come to me and say "Wow, she is a tough little one isn't she!"  You have no idea that you are not as big as all the older kids that you play with.   Not only do you already think you are 10 feet tall but you have NO FEAR.  You will jump into a pool by yourself.  You actually get mad when swimming because you want us to LET GO.  You climb the highest equipment at every playground we go to and you insist on being in the middle of the action at all times.

I guess no fear isn't exactly accurate.  You do not like loud noises like the neighbor's go cart or the lawn mower.  You are afraid of the tiny fan at the top of the stairs, but not of climbing up and down our huge steep wooden stairs.  You are also afraid of Rugar's (Grandma and Granpa's dog) rawhide chew bone.  What is that all about?

As you grow and change from a baby into a little girl I continue to be amazed.  I learn from you every day
You are my second daughter and my third child but definitely second to none.  You are your own person and have  been since the day I met you.  I love discovering who you are and wondering who you will be.  I love you with all my heart.  Happy Birthday baby girl.

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