Saturday, July 24, 2010


Molly has a constant stream of noise comming from her mouth.  She copies what people say, she joins in on conversations and talks right along, she talks to herself, she talks to her toys, and she sings...a lot. 

Molly and I were in the garden today picking this weeks veggies.  I had half a grocery bag of broccoli, brussel sprouts and eggplant when her wining became more than I could take.  (I didn't even start to pick the green beans) So our conversation went like this;

Me: ok Molly we can go back to the house.  Are you hot? 
Molly:  Yeah, HOT (hahahaha big laugh of happiness from molly after she talked because I know what she is going through and we are going inside)

As we walked back to the house she said "Me hot"
I said "Are YOU hot?"
Molly:  "no ME!"
Me:  "You are hot?"
Molly: "No I!"
Me: " I am hot?"
Molly: "Yeah" (another big laugh as she was relieved to be understood.)

The English language is rough when you are one...

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  1. It still has its tough moments when you are 30, too! :)