Monday, July 12, 2010

She Reads, He...I don't know what he does.

Alivia has been sounding out words lately.  Friday night we were leaving Cindy's house and I was talking about something and spelled the word STUPID.  From the back seat Alivia said "Stupid?"

Uh oh...time to start watching what we spell.  We told her she was right and she was so proud that she knew what we spelled.  Matt suggested that I spell another word just for fun to see if she could figure it out. 

I said "I don't even know what to S-A-Y"

Alivia responded "Shit?"  "Did you spell Shit?"

When Matt and I got done with our front seat silent laughing we explained to her that shit is in a level way above stupid and shut up and she REALLY can't say that word. 

Marlin also has been doing a lot of things.  He started taking gymnastics with his sister and although he is half the size of most of the girls in the class, he struts all over the gym having the time of his life. 

My mom took him to the movie on Thursday and then she was driving Alivia to Romney so Matt could take her home.  On the way Marlin kept asking to go to my mom's house first.  She said they were running late and they couldn't go to her house.  Finally Marlin said, "Grandma, I really need to go back to your house because my penis is pointed the wrong way and I need to fix it!"

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