Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Someone please explain to me why my children do the things they do. A few nights ago things were quiet, which is never good. Alivia and Marlin were in Marlins room playing so well and Matt and I were enjoying the peace and getting things done around the house. Then I heard Matt...
"What are you thinking? Why would you do that? Go to the corner!" Something big was happening. I went into Marlins room and the drawer under his bed was pulled out. It had a puddle of pee in it. You could see the line on the bed where Marlin had overshot the drawer a little but he got most of it right in the target. "YOU PEED IN A DRAWER!!!"
Matt left the room so he wouldn't permenantly damage Marlin and I started picking up the soaked things and cleaning stuff up. I couldn't believe this one, I just didn't understand. I went to the corner where Marlin was standing and asked "What made you think to pee in a drawer"

Now lets back up a minute. I should have noticed that Marlin was in big trouble and Alivia was not enjoying it like she usually does. She wasn't bossing, she wasn't looking at the mess, she was in her room being quiet.

ok back to question. "Marlin, what make you think to pee in a drawer?"
His reply, "because wivia did it." I looked at Alivia who was sheepishly peeking around the corner of his room and I asked "did you pee in the drawer too?" she nodded her head with the most terrified look on her face. Matt heard me ask that and came back in the room to deal with her while I continued to clean.

You know, its a few days later and the shock has worn off a little bit but I still just wonder...how do you get to the point where you decide that to pee into a drawer would be a good idea?

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