Thursday, April 9, 2009


Marlin says "lellow" instead of yellow.

Here is how our conversation went last night.

Marlin: I want the lellow crayon

Me: say yellow

Marlin: lellow

Me: say Yep

Marlin: yep

Me: say yeah

Marlin: yeah

Me: say yellow

Marlin: (singing) lellow lellow lellow lellow lellow lellow

ok I get it, he isn't interested in improving that word. Maybe later. Actually Marlin's speech improves every day. He is using his S sounds at the beginning of words a lot more now and he is getting so big.

He seems to be doing a lot of boundry testing lately. He tells us no and says things like "I am NOT going to sit in the corner!" He is still so sweet under his little attitude. A simple time out corrects him and turns him back into my sweet little man. So far this little rebellion stage is no big deal.

THe big deal is that Marlin has been taking his pull up off in the middle of the night. I think he pees in it and then takes it off. Sometimes he puts on a new one. Last night he went through three. Sometimes he just sleeps naked and ends up peeing all over himself. Im guessing this may be a signal that it is time to try to get him to stay dry at night. If he is not liking being in his wet pull up. I don't really feel up to changing sheets every day right now so I am ignoring that signal and hoping that it will go that bad?

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