Friday, April 10, 2009

Little Mommy

I am careful not to force Alivia to care for Molly when she doesn't want to. She is pretty good at it though and lately she has been giving me advice. Molly was fussy yesterday and I was trying to feed her a bottle. Alivia came over and asked if she could do it. I let her try but Molly didn't really want the bottle in her mouth so it didn't work. That is when I got my instructions.
Alivia said "Well she doesn't want the bottle right now, but if she starts to fuss again try to put the bottle in her mouth because that will make her happy, ok?"
Then she left the room.

What would I do without her?

She also picks her up and brings her to me whenever she cries. Its really a scary scene to watch Alivia carry Molly. Molly is not that small and I am so afraid Alivia will drop her some day. Lets hope Molly survives the love of her older sister. They do love eachother sooooo much. Molly giggles and giggles at both big kids. And Alivia (and Marlin) loves Molly to death. A couple days ago Alivia told my mom she couldn't wait for Molly to get bigger so she can play princesses with her.

Molly is going to crawl any day. She is 8 months old and she is rocking on all fours. She moves backwards but it just makes her mad. She moved forward a little this morning. She is soooo close. She is also singing. Not to the point that anyone other than her mother would call it singing but when I sing a song to her the noises comming out of her mouth change to her "singing" noise. I love it. I know you can sing Molly, everyone else will see the light eventually:)

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