Monday, April 13, 2009

On the Moooove with Molly moo

Friday Molly inched her way across the floor a couple times, Saturday she did it a few more times and by Sunday Molly was crawling all over the house. She is still a little slow but she gets faster every day. At 8 months old she is my youngest crawler. I wont be suprised if she walks in a month.
Molly doesn't do anything calmly. She frantically plays with her bucket, she frantically crawls toward something, she frantically works to pick up pieces of banana and eat them. What a determined little person she is. I already admire this tough little person so much. I look forward to watching my intense baby girl get bigger and use this intensity to master many life skills. I also am a little worried about the little spitfire turning on her mother and using her powers for not so wonderful things like fits. Oh, no way will she do that TO ME!!! I love her regardless and am enjoying watching her grow, change and start to show us what her personality will be.

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