Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Because I missed Marlin's birthday post...

Happy belated birthday Marlin!
Well, its a little late but I didn't forget your birthday in real life, I just forgot to blog about it. So here it goes, better late than never.

You are three years old now! I can believe my sweet, sweet boy is three. You lost your baby face this year and now look like a little boy.
Some of the big things you did this year include:

Potty training - You did it yourself. You told us you wanted to wear your Thomas the train undies about 2 weeks after Molly was born and that was it, very few accidents. Then about 7 months later you decided you no longer could be bothered with taking time to use the toilet so you had accidents several times a day from April to August. You drove us crazy. We even took you to the doctor about it. One week before preschool started you decided it was important again and you haven't had an accident since.

The terrible twos... - You tried to test us a little this year. But I will NEVER say you had the TERRIBLE Twos. You are way too sweet to be terrible. Even when you are trying to be rotten it is so cute your dad and I often have to turn our heads so you can't see us smiling or laughing at you.

You went to art class with a bunch of kids that were older than you and the teacher told us you were an angel. You love to sit and work on projects and have amazing focus for a little boy.

You are smart and silly and funny and sweet. oh yeah and cute as a button. You have the ability to work me like no one else. As a matter of fact you are home with me today while I am working because you used those big puppy dog eyes on me this morning when I tried to drop you off at the babysitter and I picked you up and brought you right back home.

I hope you are always so cuddly and sweet. I have also seen you learn to climb, run, play and talk much more clearly. You can talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. I love to hear what you have to say. I hope your sweet sweet heart stays that way forever.

Thanks for being my only son and my middle child. (I'll try not to forget your birthday post next year)


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