Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Alivia


It seems like I just brought you home from the hospital. I can remember so clearly the first time we were alone at home and I took my first 600 pictures of your amazing little face.

Now you are five years old. You are starting your second year of preschool and you are really growing up.

I saw you lead your little brother into the school this morning for the orientation. You were such an upperclassman. You showed him the ropes and were brave and kind.

This year you still love princesses and I do not look forward to you getting too big or too cool for them. You also love Barbie and we let you get a few this year for your birthday.
You are starting to read words and your sharp mind continues to amaze me. You are so quick you even keep me hoppin quite often.

I am really enjoying you as a 5 year old because you pick up on so much about the world. I am watching your personality blossom and learning who you are and who you will be. So far you are smart, beautiful, great in an emergency (unfortunately we have seen that a few times this year), you are caring, you are responsible and your ability to know how people feel is a gift. You have always had that gift but it is growing and your pick up on things that even I do not see.

I love you more every day. Thanks for being my first child, my oldest daughter and most of all for being you!


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